If you are looking for kidney stone remedies, there are many for you to try. When minerals develop in your kidneys, solidified masses develop. These masses are more commonly known as kidney stones or renali calculi.

Im sure youre already familiar with the excruciating pain they cause and now you want to get rid of them as quickly and as safely as possible.

Small kidney stones are easily passed out the body unnoticed, but large stones are the ones that cause problems. With a good kidney stones remedy, you can reduce the pain of passing kidney stones considerably as well as dissolve them efficiently.

1. Watermelon seeds

The first of the remedies for kidney stones, is crushed watermelon seeds. For best results, infused the crushed seeds in hot boiling water and drink as a tea three times a day.

This can dissolve hardened kidney stones for easier passing. The special concoction also has the ability to kill the proliferating bacteria in your kidneys and prevent dangerous infections.

2. Dandelion tea

Another of the kidney stones remedies, Dandelion tea is a powerful diuretic. It is often taken to help flush out infection-causing bacteria and to clean the urinary tract of obstruction.

In this case dandelion tea works by improving blood flow in your kidneys. This allows kidney stones to pass without much effort.

To prepare the tea:

Mix dried dandelion leaves into a pot of boiling water.

Steep for 15 minutes and take three times a day.

The tea is perfect for when you feel the pain from a kidney stones attack.

3. Corn silk

The tiny threads on a cob of corn are usually ignored and thrown away. However, corn silk becomes a perfect remedy for kidney stones when you feel the pain. Certain components of corn silk make it an efficient diuretic that has been used for decades.

Turn corn silk into a soothing tea by steeping it in boiling water for five minutes. Drink the special concoction until you no longer feel a kidney stone passing.

4. Magnesium

Studies have proven that magnesium prevents calcium-oxalate kidney stones from developing in your kidneys. Foods rich in magnesium include:whole grains brown rice, buckwheat, whole wheat, and ryelegumes lentils, split peas, and various beans

If you arent getting enough magnesium in your kidney stones diet, try visiting your local pharmacy for a magnesium supplement. Take at least 250mg two times a day after eating.

With these 4 foolproof kidney stone remedies, youll be well on your road to recovery without even touching medications or begin admitted to hospital.

If you have small kidney stones, give these remedies a try. Youll be amazed by the results!