If you have been suffering from premature ejaculation without having remedies, I am glad to tell you that premature ejaculation remedies are available, real and effective.

In this article I will be  sharing with you 3 powerful and effective tips that I have been using successfully to last longer in bed and to continuously give my partner sexually fulfilling times.

There are many remedies for this embarrassing problem of premature ejaculation but I want to talk here of 3 natural tips for the control of premature ejaculation.

1. Control your breathing:

Your breathing during sexual relationship has a direct link to your ability to orgasm. When your breathing becomes heavy and fast it shows that you are getting over excited and your heart is pumping blood to your body and also your penis at a fast rate indicating that you will soon discharge. Under this condition you will reach climax faster and ejaculate.

However, if you can control your breathing and calm down a little more during sex you will end up being able to control your orgasm and thereby delay ejaculation.

2. Change your position during sex

This second tip is positional. I have found out that the conventional method of the man being on top leads many times to quick ejaculation. You can change your position as one of the effective premature ejaculation remedies. Let your woman be on top and you will be below. I found out that I last 10 minutes longer with this position.

3. Relax; do not be in a hurry.

Get relaxed during sexual relations with your partner. Prepare your mind to give her the longest of satisfying sexual fun. When you are getting too excited and coming close to orgasm, stop and start to work on her engaging in more romance, you can even withdraw your penis and get relaxed, relaxing your mind and your though. By this method I last 30mins to 45mins and I only ejaculate when I notice she is climaxing. Sometimes I give her multiple orgasms in the process.

These 3 tips are always very effective and I know they are potent premature ejaculation remedies that you can use naturally without any pill or cream. My partner had been talking about my greatness in bed since I started using the tips.

If you are really looking for premature ejaculation remedies, try one or all of these and see how your performance will surprise you also.