Are you the one who suffers from lack of sleep? This is seriously a bigger problem. Insomnia is a condition which affects many people in the world. This severe sleep disorder prevents people from doing their daily activities. Victims of this condition cannot be productive as they feel tired and exhausted. Though they want to do an exercise or take part in any activities with family and friends, their body does not co-operate. This would not only cause worry in you but also creates problem in relationships.

There are another set of people who have to try hard to stay awake. They get in to sleep very quickly and this also causes serious issues in the life. These people would feel sleepy all the time hence they could not perform their job properly.

Market is flooded with different medications. But, it is always the best to choose the one which is suitable for you. People who are suffering from insomnia can take lunesta which is well-known for its effect on the condition. Those people who want to take medication for wakefulness can take provigil.


Provigil drug is mainly manufactured to help people to stay awake. This medication works by modifying the natural chemicals in the brain. When provigil taken with right guidance then it can create miracles in the life of people who suffer from excessive sleepiness.

Patients who suffer from sleep apnea, narcolepsy or shift work sleep disorder can take provigil medication. Due to its wakefulness promoting ability, this medication is also used by people who want to study hard as well as is used by people when they want to be very alert in a day. Provigil is widely known with a tag name and that is “smart drug”.


This is a hypnotic and it is also known as sedative. Lunesta has a great impact on the natural chemicals in the brain. This enables to convert the imbalanced ones to the balanced ones. Imbalanced chemicals are the reason behind sleep disorders specifically insomnia.

Lunesta was primarily developed to treat patients who suffer from insomnia. In addition to this, the drug also provides relaxation in people and makes them to stay asleep for a longer period of time.

Which is the best? Provigil or Lunesta

Provigil and Lunesta are the most popular medications. Both the drugs are best in their own aspects. These medications are used for different purposes. Those who suffer from wakefulness problems can take provigil and get treated effectively. Your focus, alertness and attention would be increased. If you are a one who cannot get sleep at night, then Lunesta would be the right choice for you. A person after taking Lunesta would feel relaxed and calm. Getting the medications online would enable you to get it in a cheaper rate. It is always a wise decision to consult with a doctor before taking a medication. Take provigil to promote wakefulness in an effective way whereas take Lunesta to get treated for the opposite problem.