There are many various treatment options available today to treat social anxiety, including different psychotherapies and medications. Research studies show that one of the most effective ways to treat social anxiety, that has proven to be successful for many people, is comprehensive cognitive behavioral therapy (CCBT), sometimes the CCBT is accompanied by medications (such as antidepressants) to further reduce anxiety and/or depression.

Since the cognitive behavioral therapy is conducted with a therapist one-on-one, this means that you will first have to actually see a therapist and she will help you determine if you really have a problem and how bad it may be, so this is a goof first step to take if you’re still unsure whether you have a problem at all. A professional psychologist will point you in the right direction.

Help for social anxiety does exist, the problem is that many people don’t seek treatment for social anxiety. However, it is important to seek professional help if social anxiety is in the way of achieving your personal goals in life.

If you think CCBT is something that may benefit you, there are some things you should think about first. First of all, you should see if there are psychologists and therapists that specialize in treating social anxiety near an area where you live that can offer CBT or other helpful counseling. Also, finding a social anxiety group in your area may be very beneficial because you’ll be able to share your feelings with people that are going through similar problems.

If you can’t find any support groups or therapists near your area, you may download audio therapy sessions, which are pre-recorder audio tapes recorder by a qualified professional counselor, and you can listen to these recordings conveniently without having to visit anyone. Audio recordings may also be more beneficial for people who aren’t willing or are afraid to make an appointment with a psychologist because of their intense anxiety.

If you still hesitate to make that first appointment with a psychologist, you may take some tests online first to determine if you really have social anxiety and evaluate how intense your anxiety is, there are a few tests available online if you just search for “social anxiety test” in Google. Remember, it is very important to know what your problem really is before trying to fix it, so if you’re struggling with your anxiety, take some time to do research, there are many helpful resource available online that will give you a better understanding about social anxiety, this will also help you find the best and treatment for your problem.